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  1. Investors Turn Toward Evidence

    The present (and future) of the fund industry: Investors are no longer willing to rely on fund-industry assurances.

  2. When Should You Change Your Passwords?

    Your clocks aren't the only things worth changing in the fall.

  3. Some Fund Companies Missed the News About Falling Fees

    Some active and passive fees are out of step with the times.

  4. What Does My Fund Cost?

    Putting expense ratios into context.

  5. Advisor's Guide to Qualified Charitable Distributions

    Who can do these beneficial transfers, with how much money, to what kinds of charities--and how to execute (and report) the QCD.

  6. The Rise and Fall of New Funds

    Investors routinely pour cash into recently launched funds. Is that a mistake?

  7. The Election Forecasters' Investment Lesson

    Sometimes, the simpler message is not the right one.

  8. 5 More Under-the-Radar and Up-and-Coming Funds

    Recent additions to our Morningstar Prospects list of intriguing, little-known, or new strategies.

  9. Is the DOL Fiduciary Rule Really So Bad?

    A Trump advisor’s objections to the new standard make one good point, one mixed, and two bad. 

  10. The Conservative Vanguard Total Bond Market ETF

    This ETF takes less credit risk than most of its peers, so it offers a lower yield, but its cost advantage gives it a durable edge. 

  11. Libor to Bank-Loan CEFs: Float On

    Bank-loan CEFs may finally offer long-promised floating coupons.

  12. Performance Psychology: How to Improve Your Productivity in One Hour a Week

    Use the 30/30 Rule two times per week to slowly, but surely, turn the tide in your favor.

  13. Harnessing Momentum With Indexes

    Momentum is so pervasive that it appears among both individual securities and entire indexes.

  14. Does the Star Rating for Funds Predict Future Performance?

    We found the star rating was moderately predictive of future returns.

Recent Videos

  1. 3 Building Blocks of Our Upbeat View of Amazon

    We think these factors make the firm one of the most compelling growth and margin-expansion stories in the consumer sector today.

  2. A Silver-Rated Mortgage Fund With a Unique Approach

    JP Morgan Government Bond's stable duration, strong mortgage selection, and below average fees have led it to beat 90% of its peers over the last decade.

  3. 2 Inexpensive, Innovative Pharma Stocks

    Recent setbacks don't dent our conviction that Eli Lilly and Bristol-Myers' innovation is underappreciated by the market.

  4. The Week Ahead: Market Gets Breather With Lighter Data Load

    We'll get an update on the services sector, consumer sentiment, and more. Plus, wide-moat Costco reports.

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Recent Articles

  1. PIMCO Settles With SEC Over Its Total Return ETF

    The firm must pay fines and beef up pricing and disclosure procedures.

  2. The Challenges That Funds Face in Valuing Private Companies

    No industry standard exists, which can lead to different valuations across fund companies. 

  3. Is Private Company Ownership a Risk for Mutual Funds?

    A recent Morningstar study shows most funds tread lightly in private-firm investments.

  4. Harbor International Focuses on the Long Term

    The Gold-rated fund is experiencing withdrawals amid mediocre near-term performance, but it's still a formidable competitor.

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