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  1. The Future and the Past of Performance

    It doesn't take a crystal ball to know that more expensive non-institutional share classes will underperform lower-cost, but otherwise identical, institutional shares after fees.

  2. Why I Hated Prospecting

    And a surprising solution for acquiring new clients.

  3. The Wrong Time to Fire a Fund

    When the market changes, but the fund does not.

  4. Meeting of the Minds

    Two of the mutual fund world’s biggest thinkers square off on factor investing.

  5. Robots Take Their Place in Orthopedics

    But do they represent the future or an expensive boondoggle?

  6. Replaced by Robots

    Human capital is under threat.

  7. 12 No-Tax and Low-Tax Retirement Plan Distributions

    If a recipient qualifies for one of these deals, the distribution may be taxed more favorably than as a 100% taxable chunk of ordinary income.

  8. Can Skype for Business Replace Your Firm's Phone System?

    With new functionality added to Skype for Business, current Office 365 subscribers now have a turnkey business-class phone system available to them at a competitive price point.

  9. The Secret to Prudent Retirement Investing

    Give up on chasing and predicting returns. Manage risks and costs instead.

  10. The Futility of Chasing Returns

    There are a number of reasons why you should take presentations of outperformance with a grain of salt.

  11. Protecting Widowed Spouses From Gain on the Sale of Their Home

    Many widowed clients assume that they have lost the ability to use the full $500,000 exclusion upon the sale of their jointly owned home, but there are two ways to protect them from realizing all gains above their remaining exclusion.

  12. Annuity Inside an IRA: Know the Rules

    Although both immediate and deferred annuity contracts can be held in an IRA, they have very different consequences under the minimum distribution rules.

Recent Videos

  1. Bank Loans Could Offer Protection in Rising Rate Environment

    If rates rise, bank loans might offer investors some downside protection, says Morningstar's Sumit Desai, but beware of credit risk.

  2. Can the Consumer Carry the Economy?

    With manufacturing and housing not providing much help, economic growth rests largely on the shoulders of consumer spending, says Morningstar's Bob Johnson.

  3. Johnson Controls Shores Up Competitive Advantage

    The Tyco merger and planned spin-off of its auto business should allow Johnson Controls to cut costs and become more profitable and less cyclical.

  4. What to Expect This Capital Gains Distribution Season

    Redemptions among active equity funds coupled with a multiyear stock market rally could lead to sizable distributions this year, says Morningstar's Russ Kinnel.

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Recent Articles

  1. Save the Shop Talk

    Your clients think it’s gibberish.

  2. The Number of Strategic-Beta ETPs Continues to Mushroom

    New funds are coming to market at a record pace, complexity is on the rise, and fees are under pressure.

  3. Index Funds Continue to Steam Ahead

    Yesterday, today, and probably tomorrow.

  4. Emerging Markets a Bright Spot in the Third Quarter

    It's been mostly more of the same for international-stock funds so far in 2016.

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