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Market Barometer

  1. Yes, Mutual Fund Managers Do Have Skill

    A fat lot of good that does them.

  2. When Holding a Single Stock Isn’t Imprudent

    An example of flexibility in modern prudent fiduciary investing.

  3. How Herding Leads to Market Bubbles

    Fear of missing out can lead investors to bid up pricing of particular asset classes and lead to bubbles.

  4. Divorce, Beneficiary Designations, and Retirement Accounts

    Here's why it's so important to update beneficiary designations after a divorce.

  5. CRM: From Accuracy Comes Value

    Taking the time to review the accuracy and completeness of your CRM data can have big payoffs for both internal analytics and external marketing efforts.

  6. The Promise of Behavioral Finance

    By learning to overcome their biases, investors gain a vital tool to help them reach their financial goals.

  7. How Do People Receive Advice?

    Fintech has made gains in the personal finance space, but there’s room to grow.

  8. Key Policy Issues to Watch

    Americans need better access to retirement plans, help with drawdown phase.

  9. The Death of Active Management Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

    Active investing will never die, but it’s being forced to evolve.

Recent Videos

  1. Schneider Is a Top-Tier Transport

    Much of newly public Schneider National's business is commoditized, but its intermodal and logistics segments are well positioned.

  2. At Midyear, Vanguard on Pace to Break 2016 Inflows

    Alec Lucas gives an update on the firm's asset growth, robo-advice business, and our ratings of its funds.

  3. The Week Ahead: The Heart of Earnings Season

    It's a busy earnings week with results from Alphabet, Amazon, Coke, Starbucks, Eli Lilly, Boeing, Ford, GM, Exxon, and many more. Plus, a Fed meeting on Wednesday.

  4. Performance and Cost Driving Assets to Passive Funds

    Better performance from active funds recently hasn't stemmed the flow of money into U.S. equity index funds.

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Recent Articles

  1. Cleaner Exposure to Value Stocks

    This ETF allows investors to own cheap stocks without the persistent sector bets that most of its peers make.

  2. Funds That Go Moatless

    Price discipline can offset some of the risks of investing in no-moat firms.

  3. A Newly Rated Emerging-Markets Fund

    Newcomer Artisan Developing World earns a Bronze rating thanks to its seasoned manager, attractive approach, and good parent with a long record of success.

  4. The Sector-Neutral Value ETF

    This fund allows investors to own cheap stocks without the persistent sector bets that most of its peers make.

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