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  1. Retirement Plan Riddles and Stumpers

    When is the same distribution both required and not required, and other tax-related enigmas.

  2. Is This Time Different for Value Investors?

    Jeremy Grantham broaches the subject.

  3. Creating a Structured Tax-Review Process

    Systematically reviewing your clients' tax returns can uncover additional financial planning opportunities and build a stronger relationship with their CPAs.

  4. For the Future of Financial Advice, Look to Mutual Funds

    Like it or not, the cost wars are coming.

  5. Do Active Funds Belong in the 'Too Hard' Pile?

    Investors should quit assuming choosing an active fund is easy (or just quit), writes Morningstar’s Jeff Ptak.

  6. Fiduciaries, Look to the Law of Trusts as Your Guide

    The legislative history of ERISA explains that the law governing qualified retirement plans is tied closely to trust investment law.

  7. 'Animal Spirits' and Business Cycles

    Emotions and behavior can affect economic output as much as, if not more than, core economic factors.

  8. Gaining Clients With Tax Return Reviews

    Advisors can set themselves apart by showing investors how to save money.

  9. Passive and Team-Managed Funds Prove More Inclusive

    Women have better odds of running funds in growing parts of the industry.

  10. Slow Progress on a Very Long Arc

    Women make small gains in an industry that needs them.

  11. A Hurricane of Disintermediation

    Advisors, mutual fund managers are in a dangerous season.

Recent Videos

  1. Choose Wisely With College-Savings Vehicles

    Options ranging from 529 plans, Coverdells, or Roth IRAs can differ in tax treatment, investment flexibility, and effect on financial aid eligibility.

  2. Utilities Look Expensive but Some Value in Consumer Cyclical

    The market as a whole still looks overvalued, but there are a few sectors that look less pricey.

  3. Why the Time Is Right to Invest in India

    Indian stocks rallied after the appointment of Narendra Modi as prime minister but subsequently fell; Ashburton's Jonathan Schiessl says now is the time to buy.

  4. Why Housing Data Is Worth Watching

    The sector's potential for improvement could make a difference for GDP growth, says Morningstar's Bob Johnson.

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Recent Articles

  1. How a Daily Plan of Action Can Help You Grow Your Business

    Having a written plan of action is like creating a contract with yourself to focus on high-value activities each day.

  2. These ETFs Can Help Fight Interest-Rate Risk

    None of the options is perfect, but there are several fixed-income ETFs for investors looking to manage the threat of rising rates.

  3. Fund Fees Paid by Investors Continue to Decline

    Investors have been voting with their feet for low-cost funds, bringing down average fees again in 2016.

  4. How Fund Companies Stack Up in Our Analyst Ratings

    Stepping back to see the forest for the trees.

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