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    Article Archive College Savings Educator

    2009's Best and Worst 529 PlansGreg Brown06/26/2009
    2011 529 Research Paper and Industry SurveyLaura Pavlenko Lutton10/27/2011
    529 College-Savings Plans Lag, But Don't Count Them OutKathryn Spica, CFA06/03/2014
    529 Plans Versus Shared Crummey Trust for GrandchildrenSusan T. Bart11/20/2009
    529s and BankruptcySusan T. Bart02/26/2010
    529s and Crummey TrustsSusan T. Bart01/27/2012
    Choice of 529 Plan Type Not Set in StoneAdam Zoll12/24/2013
    College Planning Q&A: 'Gifting' UTMA AssetsSusan T. Bart04/25/2008
    College Planning Q&A: 529s and Financial AidSusan T. Bart08/22/2008
    College Planning Q&A: Custodial Accounts Versus 529sSusan T. Bart10/26/2007
    College Planning Q&A: Deficit Reduction Act Causes ConfusionSusan T. Bart05/26/2006
    College Planning Q&A: Grandparents, 529s, and Estate TaxesSusan T. Bart02/27/2009
    College Planning Q&A: How to Guard Against Overfunding a 529Susan T. Bart01/26/2007
    College Planning Q&A: Is a Car a Qualified Expense?Susan T. Bart11/21/2008
    College Planning Q&A: Post-Graduation WithdrawalsSusan T. Bart06/20/2008
    College Planning Q&A: Sunset FadesSusan T. Bart09/29/2006
    College Planning Q&A: The Gift Tax ExclusionSusan T. Bart02/24/2006
    College Savers Pay a Premium for 529sKathryn Spica, CFA06/10/2014
    Cost of Attendance vs. Qualified ExpensesSusan T. Bart10/22/2010
    Don't Get Sent to the 529 Penalty BoxAdam Zoll11/26/2013
    Don't Let an UGMA Leave You Saying 'Ugh'Morningstar02/21/2012
    Education Credits and Other Tax ProvisionsSusan T. Bart01/29/2010
    Find the Right Stock/Bond Mix for College SavingsChristine Benz03/25/2011
    Gift Exclusions and Scholarship ExceptionsSusan T. Bart06/26/2009
    Gifts and 529sSusan T. Bart04/23/2010
    How Much Is Your Client Paying for That 529 College Savings Plan?Kerry O'Boyle05/15/2007
    Morningstar Names Best 529 College Savings Plans for 2017Leo Acheson10/24/2017
    Morningstar Names Best 529 College-Savings Plans for 2016Leo Acheson10/25/2016
    Multi-Generation Trusts and 529 PlansSusan T. Bart12/18/2009
    New Tax Law Alleviates 529 ConcernSusan T. Bart01/28/2011
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