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    Article Archive Alex Bryan

    The Gender Diversity ETFInvestment Insights09/29/2017
    The Case for International DiversificationInvestment Insights09/27/2017
    The Case for Owning the U.S. Market PortfolioInvestment Insights09/01/2017
    Strategic-Beta Funds Aren't as Distinctive as AdvertisedInvestment Insights08/30/2017
    Cleaner Exposure to Value StocksInvestment Insights07/24/2017
    The Sector-Neutral Value ETFInvestment Insights07/21/2017
    Quality and Value Without the Side Sector BetsInvestment Insights07/19/2017
    Seeking Quality in the S&P 500Investment Insights06/16/2017
    A Look Under the Hood of 5 Momentum FundsInvestment Insights06/14/2017
    Don't Be Tempted by This ETF's Strong PerformanceInvestment Insights04/28/2017
    Are High-Yield ETFs Junk?Investment Insights04/26/2017
    Schwab Sharpens Focus, Gains StrengthInvestment Insights04/13/2017
    This Dynamic Small-Cap ETF Should Find an EdgeInvestment Insights03/20/2017
    A Small-Cap ETF That Minds the DownsideInvestment Insights03/03/2017
    The Hidden Risk of Low-Volatility InvestingInvestment Insights03/01/2017
    A Razor-Thin Fee Gives This Growth ETF an EdgeInvestment Insights02/10/2017
    Mind the Gap Between Academic Research and PracticeInvestment Insights02/08/2017
    Should You Buy Into This Buyback ETF?Investment Insights01/27/2017
    The Buyback ETFInvestment Insights01/27/2017
    Dividend Stocks Court Rate RiskInvestment Insights01/25/2017
    6 Traits of the Best IndexesInvestment Insights01/04/2017
    Balanced Exposure to the Natural-Resources SectorInvestment Insights12/16/2016
    Don't Try to Time Factor StrategiesInvestment Insights12/14/2016
    The Conservative Vanguard Total Bond Market ETFInvestment Insights11/11/2016
    Harnessing Momentum With IndexesInvestment Insights11/09/2016
    High Dividends With Less RiskInvestment Insights10/07/2016
    Indexing in Less-Efficient MarketsInvestment Insights10/05/2016
    Avoid Leveraged and Inverse ETFsInvestment Insights09/14/2016
    A Broadly Diversified Value Portfolio at a Rock-Bottom FeeInvestment Insights09/09/2016
    ETFs That Take Some of the Volatility Out of Foreign StocksInvestment Insights08/31/2016
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