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    Article Archive W. Scott Simon

    What’s Wrong With Third Party 3(38) Investment Managers?Fiduciary Focus10/05/2017
    Do We Need a 'Harmonized' Fiduciary Standard?Fiduciary Focus09/07/2017
    A Summer Grab BagFiduciary Focus08/03/2017
    When Holding a Single Stock Isn’t ImprudentFiduciary Focus07/06/2017
    Flexibility's Role in Modern Prudent Fiduciary InvestingFiduciary Focus06/01/2017
    Fiduciaries, Look to the Law of Trusts as Your GuideFiduciary Focus05/04/2017
    Final Thoughts on the DOL Rule--for NowFiduciary Focus04/06/2017
    The Ins and Outs of the DOL’s Best Interest Contract ExemptionFiduciary Focus03/02/2017
    Safe Harbors and Exclusions in the DOL's Fiduciary RuleFiduciary Focus02/02/2017
    Breaking Down the 3 Key Elements of the DOL Fiduciary RuleFiduciary Focus01/05/2017
    Who Does the DOL's Conflict of Interest Rule Apply To?Fiduciary Focus12/01/2016
    The Reason for the DOL Rule: IRAsFiduciary Focus11/03/2016
    Understanding the DOL's Conflict of Interest RuleFiduciary Focus10/06/2016
    The Future and the Past of PerformanceFiduciary Focus09/08/2016
    How Not to Operate a 401(k) PlanFiduciary Focus05/05/2016
    A Way Around Costly 403(b) PlansFiduciary Focus06/10/2015
    Anatomy of a No-BrainerFiduciary Focus04/03/2014
    Fiduciary Questions in MassMutual CaseFiduciary Focus12/05/2013
    Why I'm a FiduciaryFiduciary Focus10/03/2013
    Revenue Sharing on TrialFiduciary Focus05/03/2012
    The Logical Inconsistency of a Broker Fiduciary StandardFiduciary Focus03/01/2012
    A Closer Look at Fiduciary Status Under ERISAFiduciary Focus12/01/2011
    Time to Put the Kibosh on Fiduciary ExemptionsFiduciary Focus07/12/2011
    Let the Fiduciary Wrestling Match Begin--AgainFiduciary Focus04/07/2011
    Mother Always Said to Read the Fine PrintFiduciary Focus03/03/2011
    One Man's Story of the Origins of ERISA (Part 4)Fiduciary Focus12/02/2010
    One Man's Story of the Origins of ERISA (Part 3)Fiduciary Focus11/04/2010
    One Man's Story of the Origins of ERISAFiduciary Focus09/02/2010
    The Different Flavors of ERISA Fiduciaries, Redux (Part 3)Fiduciary Focus05/06/2010
    The Rules for Nonprofit-Portfolio Fiduciaries (Part 2)Fiduciary Focus02/04/2010
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