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  1. Purveyors of Doom

    The right and left both talk nonsense.

  2. Bronze-Rated Fidelity Bond Fund Gains New Lead Manager

    Plus, an updated expense ratio for Silver-rated FMI Focus Fund, a new emerging-markets value offering from American Century, PIMCO hires a new equity boss from Schroders, and more. 

  3. Fidelity Working to Up Its Game

    The firm has strong spots, but it needs more consistency.  

  4. Matthews Pacific Tiger Fund to Slow Inflows

    The Gold-rated Matthews fund will undergo a change to protect the integrity of its investment process. Also, Goldman Sachs Asset Management's Rob Cignarella exits, Dreyfus rolls out a floating-rate fund, RiverPark launches a "strategic income" fund, Nomura to exit the U.S. fund business, and ...

  5. Piloting New Channels

    An industry weaned on the traditional sales pitch is being forced to adapt to new products, sophisticated investors, lower fees, and innovation.

  6. Small Growth Packs Risk After Rally

    Rising small-cap Internet stocks have swelled the average valuations of small-cap growth portfolios.

Back Issues

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  1. December 2013/January 2014

    As traditional emerging-markets economies slow down, investors are looking deeper into the developing world. In this issue, we also explore indexing’s next frontiers

  2. October/November 2013

    As new platforms develop, investing is becoming more about the strategy than the fund vehicle in which it comes. For our Morningstar Conversation, two longtime industry executives, Jim Jessee of MFS and Rich Dion of Placemark Investments, discuss how fund companies, broker/dealers, advisors and ...

  3. August/September 2013

    Bonds might take on qualities that surprise you. Plus, shopping in the digital age, forecasting market bubbles and crashes, and a conversation with John Bogle.

  4. June/July 2013

    To fulfill its role in a traditional portfolio, an alternative investment must improve the reward for risk. Plus, the percentile trap, sophisticated strategies, and putting Buffett’s investment philosophy into practice.

  5. April/May 2013

    Once investors accept that risk is part of the equation, they can take steps to manage it. Plus, consumer defensive stocks, market-liquidity levels, investing trade-offs, and assessing a portfolio’s bond risk.

  6. February/March 2013

    The value of active management is called into question as assets flood into passive investments. Plus, commodities that bypass the futures market, a management team who openly discusses their firm's successes and failures, and a market timing study in making asset-class decisions.

  7. December/January 2013

    Why advisors are moving toward funds of funds and their more-dynamic investing paths. Plus, performance gaps in alternatives funds, an Undiscovered Manager who welcomes good deals, and using "Gamma" to measure the importance of intelligent financial-planning decisions.

  8. October/November 2012

    What you can learn from academics and quants who are constructing mechanical factor strategies and redefining outperformance. Plus, quantifying retirement-withdrawal strategies, an Undiscovered Manager focused on relationships rather than marketing, and talking factor investing with Cliff Asness ...

  9. August/September 2012

    Technical factors more than fundamentals are keeping the municipal-bond rally aloft. Can it last? Plus, how major market crashes can be quantitatively explained, an Undiscovered Manager with a successful micro- and small-cap investing approach, and debating money with Chicago professors John ...

  10. June/July 2012

    Investing side by side with exemplary stewards of capital leads to successful results. Plus, the dangers that lurk in ETNs, an Undiscovered Manager who doesn't flinch to do right by shareholders, and talking bonds with Dan Fuss and Michael Hasenstab.

  11. April/May 2012

    As sophisticated strategies become more accessible to everyday investors, advisors should redefine the role they play in a portfolio. Plus, Morningstar Conversation with Nobel-winner Thomas Sargent and how central bank drive gold rush.

  12. February/March 2012

    European economies are headed for deep recessions, and austerity isn't the solution. Plus, the math that matters, by Don Phillips; why investors should avoid nonlisted REITS; and how tactical funds missed their big chance.

  13. December 2011/January 2012

    Welcome to China's Universe: How to invest in what will become the world's dominant economy. Plus, Morningstar Conversation with Yale professor Zhiwu Chen, how Wedgewood uses ideas from indexers and value investors, where indexing fails, and is it rational for investors to flood into passive ...

  14. October/November2011

    Thirsty for Yield: Real yields are drying up, but opportunities for income are still out there. Plus, Morningstar Conversation with Don Yacktman, how BM&O built a winning culture, what questions to ask before buying a closed-end fund, and the muddled proposition of "to" and "through" target-date ...

  15. August/September 2011

    The Passive Invasion: ETFs are disrupting fund-distribution models, and asset management will never be the same. Plus, Morningstar Conversation with Bill McNabb and Marty Flanagan, Baron exiles create own slate of funds, better ways to analyze ETFs, and the pitfalls of peer groups.

  16. June/July 2011

    529 Plans Grow Up: New tools and transparency make it easier than ever to find right 529. Plus, 10 Questions about the college-savings challenge with TIAA-CREF's Douglas Chittenden, the inefficient pricing of moats, and utilities after Japan's crisis.

  17. April/May 2011

    State of the Fund Industry: U.S. investors are well served, but Europe's fund industry has its sights on bigger things. Plus, Morningstar Conversation with John Gunn and Greg Johnson, why bond funds are cheaper than stock funds, the lingering effects of reform on the health-care sector, and 10 ...

  18. February/March 2011

    This issue's Spotlight section looks at how active and passive investment strategies should coexist. There's also 10 Questions with Bob Olstein, a Gray Matters article on credit risk, screens, picks, and more.

  19. December 2010/January 2011

    In today's chaotic environment, a one-size-fits-all approach won't cut it.

  20. October/November 2010

    Federal estate-planning rules are still up in the air, and only careful planning can keep assets moving toward their intended recipients.

  21. August/September 2010

    Investor's have the chance to take advantage of the sector's long-term prospects.

  22. June/July 2010

    Ignoring the dangers, investors rush to fixed-income funds.

  23. April/May 2010

    Inflation. Deflation. High interest rates. Boom times. How to invest in these economic environments and more.

  24. February/March 2010

    Higher growth rates are available outside the United States - as are many of the world's best companies.

  25. December 2009/January 2010

    Skillfully applied, an allocation of alternative investments can lower a portfolio's overal risk profile.

  26. October/November 2009

    October/November 2009

  27. August/September 2009

    August/September 2009

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    June/July 2009

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  31. Fall 2008

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