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  • Home>Autologic Diagnostics Introduces Programming on the AssistPlus

    Autologic Diagnostics Introduces Programming on the AssistPlus

    Autologic Diagnostics Introduces Programming on the AssistPlus


    Autologic Diagnostics Introduces Programming on the AssistPlus

    Latest Programming Includes BMW, Jaguar and Land Rover

    Autologic Diagnostics, Inc., a worldwide provider of automotive aftermarket diagnostic support and services, announced today that for the first time, programming will become available on its AssistPlus device.

    For years, Autologic was known for its BlueBox programming capabilities, and now, the Company is bringing that same BlueBox programming functionality onto its AssistPlus platform for BMW, Jaguar and Land Rover.

    Autologic is offering several options for accessing this new programming to customers:

    • New Autologic customers will have the option to purchase the AssistPlus with the programming software
    • Customers that already own an AssistPlus device can purchase programming functionality as an add-on
    • Customers that already own a BlueBox and an AssistPlus, can seamlessly transfer the programming software from the BlueBox to the more capable AssistPlus device with a valid support contract

    To see programming functionality in action on the AssistPlus, click here.

    AssistPlus is a multi-faceted device that uses advanced diagnostic software to help ensure European vehicle issues are diagnosed correctly the first time. These advanced diagnostic capabilities, coupled with a team of more than 30 New York-based dealer-trained technicians, aid in the efficient, effective and timely repair of a range of European vehicle makes. Over the years, Autologic has become recognized for its advanced support and veteran technician team that works closely with customers to resolve diagnostic issues quickly and easily.

    “We are bringing our customers what they want, when they want it, similar to what they have grown accustomed to and come to rely on from working with Autologic over the past 12 years. Our primary goal is to help repair shops quickly and easily diagnose complex automotive issues across European makes and models so they can ultimately fix cars faster. Adding the programming to the AssistPlus device is yet another step in the right direction for our Company and customers,” explained Kevin FitzPatrick, vice president at Autologic.