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    Welcome to Morningstar's ETF Managed Portfolio Center

    A comprehensive resource for advisors on one of the fastest growing segments of the managed account space.

    Andy Gogerty, 06/20/2012

    The growing depth and breadth of exchange-traded fund offerings in the past half-decade have given rise to investment strategies that use them as the primary portfolio investment vehicle. ETF managed portfolio strategies have more than 50% of portfolio assets invested in ETFs and represent one of the fastest-growing areas of the managed-accounts space.

    The launch of this center for advisors and institutional decision-makers follows the successful release of Morningstar's ETF Managed Portfolio Landscape Report in January 2012. This report provided a comprehensive look at those ETF managed portfolio strategies currently reported in Morningstar's separate account database and examined key trends in the space (click here for the report).

    Growth in assets from increased advisor demand is being driven by multiple factors:

    • The fiduciary standard continues to move forward as the baseline philosophy for managing a client's portfolio. 
    • The growth in the fee-based model is tilting portfolios toward lower-cost, broad-based investments for a larger part of client portfolios, with a focus on asset allocation.
    • ETF strategists allow advisors to gain access to institutional-type diversification and portfolio management through outsourcing, allowing them to focus on gathering and retaining client assets and managing the overall financial profile.

    Morningstar is dedicated to providing research and tools to help advisors better understand and evaluate this growing landscape and select the proper strategies for client portfolios.

    The industry's response to the initial landscape report has been tremendous. We anticipate tracking more than 500 strategies with $42 billion in strategy assets through March 31, 2012. We'll be analyzing potential new strategies that have been added to our separate-accounts database for inclusion in this universe in the coming weeks.

    The ETF Managed Portfolio Center is composed of three main sections, which are outlined below.