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    Mainstreaming Alternatives: Risk vs. Reward

    Insight from the 2011 BrightTalk Investment Summit. 

    Mallory Horejs, 08/01/2012

    On July 25, BrightTalk and Morningstar collaborated to host a series of interactive, educational sessions geared toward financial advisors. The online event offered insights from industry thought leaders on investing in a volatile market and achieving financial success while continuing conversations initiated at the 2012 Morningstar Investment Conference. Morningstar analysts moderated the panel discussions, which covered topics ranging from ETFs to dividends to emerging markets, and of course, alternatives.

    The "Mainstreaming Alternatives: Risk vs. Reward" webinar included two panelists: Robert Seawright, chief investment and information officer of Madison Avenue Securities, and James A. Jones, CEO and founder of AlternativeAssets IRA. Seawright's work focuses on best ideas and practices for registered investment advisors and can be seen in his widely followed "Above the Market" blog. Jones is also a nationally recognized speaker, author, and educator, and his expertise lies in providing resources and education for investors running self-directed IRAs. 

    Given their different areas of focus, Seawright and Jones were able to provide unique perspectives relevant to both the advisor and individual investor level. Topics covered in the session included the definition of alternatives, strategic opportunities, risk management, and allocation size. One key takeaway was that the key driver for investing in alternatives has gradually shifted from the pursuit of absolute returns to better risk management. 

    A replay from the "Mainstreaming Alternatives: Risk vs. Reward" webinar can be accessed here.


    Mallory Horejs is an alternative investments analyst with Morningstar.