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    Q1 2013 ETF Managed Portfolio Landscape Summary Report

    Continued advisor demand has this universe of strategies off to a strong start in 2013. 

    Andrew Gogerty, 06/07/2013

    ETF managed portfolios tracked by Morningstar grew by 12% in the first three months of 2013. Morningstar currently tracks 605 strategies from 140 firms with collective assets of $73 billion. The continued strong asset growth in this space is indicative of the demand for ETF-based investment strategies both as stand-alone investment options and as complete portfolio solutions.

    As summarized in the report, global all-asset strategies command a strong 35% of industry assets. That said, continued demand for U.S.-equity strategies, especially tactical offerings, has kept equity strategies as the largest asset breadth category in the universe. While the trend of the largest strategies garnering top asset flows continued, a second stable of smaller strategies continued to gain asset growth momentum as various platforms and other decision-makers look to diversify their product offerings and investment lineups.

    Changes to this Update

    We’ve changed the layout for the first-quarter landscape report (summary). We’ve removed the lengthy tables listing all ETF managed portfolio strategies in our database. Updated information on all strategies can be found in both the ETF Managed Portfolio Center screener and in Morningstar’s research platforms (Direct, Office, and Workstation). We’ll include the full list of strategies in our mid-year update.

    Registered users can use Morningstar’s proprietary screener to focus their search on one or more potential ETF strategists and portfolios. More in-depth and custom research and analytic tools are available within the separate-account database in Morningstar’s research platforms and can be used to replicate all return, portfolio, and blended benchmark analysis.

    Click here for access to the full landscape report. 


    Andrew Gogerty is the ETF managed portfolio strategist at Morningstar.