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    1. An Undervalued REIT That Benefits From the Cloud


      Data center provider Equinix should enjoy strong top-line growth, increasing operating leverage, and dividend growth in the years to come.

    2. Decreased Supply Could Bode Well for Munis


      Elements of the tax changes could dampen some demand, but overall the market isn't predicting disaster for municipal bonds.

    3. Dependable Buick Remains Underappreciated


      Studies show the brand to be among the most reliable, and its vehicles have evolved from your parents' or grandparents' Park Avenue.

    4. Ram Is in the Driver's Seat for 2018


      Ford and GM will remain the long-term heavyweights in the full-size pickup segment, but Ram should see the most growth this year.

    5. Bank Rally Seems Unsustainable


      The near-term outlook for bank fundamentals is positive, but we see most of the firms we cover as fairly or overvalued.

    6. Lower Profitability a New Normal for Walmart


      Investors should wait for a higher margin of safety as shares are trading above our fair value estimate.

    7. Risky Large Blend Fund Is Excellent for Those With Patience


      Silver-rated Fidelity Large Cap Stock is led by a veteran with an unwavering process.

    8. How Retirees Can Protect Themselves From Inflation


      Christine Benz looks at some asset classes that might help retirees hedge against rising prices.

    9. Vehicle Sales Set to Fall, but GM Looks Attractive


      We expect another down year for vehicle sales, but with a new truck platform on the way we see GM as undervalued.

    10. 4 Funds for Building a Sustainable Portfolio


      Our analysts say Vanguard FTSE Social Index, TIAA-CREF Social Choice Bond, Amana Growth, and Amana Income would make great core holdings.

    11. How the Tax Changes Affect Deductions


      Michael Kitces reviews what the curtailment of many deductions means for taxpayers.

    12. 2 Areas Where the Tax Code Got More Generous


      Taxpayers with large medical expenses or those making significant charitable contributions could benefit under the new tax law, says Michael Kitces.

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